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Pertandingan Sepak bola Indonesia vs Vietnam sea games 2011

Pertandingan semi final dalam laga sepak bola sea games 2011 antara Indonesia vs vietnam sangat seru...
Indonesia akhirnya berhasil melaju ke Final cabang sepakbola Sea Games 2011 setelah malam ini, sabtu 19 november 2011 di Stadion Utama Senayan Jakarta menghentikan perlawanan Vietnam 2-0 melalui gol Patrich Wanggai dan Titus Bonai di babak kedua.
Dari peluit babak pertama, indonesia bermain dengan skema menyerang, striker-striker indonesia membuat barisan pertahanan vietnam kerepotan. Peluang emas tercipta beberapa kali tetapi masih bisa di antisipasi oleh pihak pertahanan dan kiper vietnam.
Akhirnya kebuntuan pun pecah ketika tendangan bebas menyusur tanah Patrich Wanggai menit ke-60 mengoyak jala Vietnam. Indonesia unggul 1-0. Gol ini semakin memacu semangat permainan Garuda muda. Serangan demi serangan terus dilancarkan melalui Okto dan Diego Michiels. Vietnam seperti dibabak pertama tetap menerapkan permaianan keras. Kartu kuning pun beberapa kali melayang.
Dan akhirnya Titus Bonai, salah satu striker kebanggan indonesia menutup pertandingan indonesia vs vietnam dengan golnya pada menit ke-88. Indonesia menang 2-0 atas vietnam dan melaju ke final melawan malaysia.

Waktu Pertandingan            :Kamis,17 November 2011
Stasiun TV                      :RCTI
Jam                             :19.00-21.00        

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tresure Hunting In Monster Hunter Freedom U

Treasure Hunting


Offered to you by infamous Treshi. He is found in the Gathering hall.


The items listed below are all the items that have points value in the Treasure Hunting Quests from Treshi. Only those treasures that are highlighted will show up on your Guild Card. |}

All Areas

Name ↓Description ↓Where to Find ↑Points ↓Rarity ↓
Pillowbug A bug with an elegant cry. Intoxicating to classical poets. Bug Spots 800 5
Rathian Fly The unusually rare females have a awe-inspiring green body. Bug Spots 300 4
Rathalos Fly The red body is the defining point of this wyvern fly. Bug Spots 100 3
Dragonite (S) A rarely formed small stone from inside a monster. Carves, Gathering 100 3
Dragonite (M) A rarely formed stone from inside a monster. Carves, Gathering 300 4
Dragonite (L) A rarely formed large stone from inside a monster. Carves, Gathering 500 5
Dragonrock A rarely formed rock from inside a monster. An ultimate item. Carves, Mining, Gathering, Bug Spots Egglike 2000 4
Dragonrock+ Rare even for Dragonrock. Very seldom seen. Carves, Mining, Gathering, Bug Spots Egglike 3000 5
Pickaxe Fish A fresh fish that can be used as a pickaxe. Fishing Spots 100 3
Bugnet Fish A fresh fish that can be used as a bugnet. Fishing Spots 100 3
Small Wyvernfish Species of rare fish said to be a living fossil. A bit of a runt. Fishing Spots, Felyne drop 100 3
Medium Wyvernfsh Speciees of rare fish said to be a living fossil. Needs growth. Fishing Spots, Felyne drop 300 4
Large Wyvernfish Species of rare fish said to be a living fossil. Manly size Fishing Spots, Felyne drop 500 5
Wyverngrass A type of grass loved by herbivores Incredibly adaptive. Herb Spots 100 3
Wyvern Ore Ore like a Wyvern's scale. Beautiful but fragile. Mining Spots 100 3
Pure Wyvern Ore Wyvern Ore of a high purity. Makes a great gift for a sweetheart. Mining Spots 300 4
Hard Dragonrock Hard dragonrock of high quality. Finding this is very difficult. Mining, Gathering, Egg Spots Egglike 4000 5
Wyvernshroom Loved by humans and Mosswine Reproductive power. Mushroom Patches 200 3

Snowy Mountains

Name ↓Description ↓Where to Find ↓Points ↓Rarity ↓
Blango Bacon The bacon of a Blango. Used in Pokke buffets. Blango carve 800 5
Blngo Flrry Ball Snowball thrown by a Blango. Looks like a face... Area 2(honey), Area 3(mining), Area 4(ice crystals, honey), Area 8(herbs through hole) Combine with Blizzrd Ball to make Snowman 100 3
Blngo Blzrd Ball Snowball thrown by a Blango. Looks like a pot belly... Area 6(berries), Area 7(whetstones, south camp) Combine with Flurry Ball to make Snowman 200 3
Blangonga Apple White Apple that grows in areas of heavy snowfall. Quite juicy. Area 6(herbs), Area 7(herbs), Area 8(herbs through hole) 1000 6
Chuck Mackerel Often found near Lady Mackerel. Has a white beard. Area 1(fishing) 600 5
Eldr Drgn Tears An unknown mass that is said to be Elder Dragon Tears. Area 3 (eggs) Egglike 8000 6
Embroidered Flag A Guild Flag. If placed on the summit of the mountain... Area 2(honey), Area 5(mining) Take to the top of area 8 to raise 200 Raised: 3000 3
Frozen Meatball Frozen meat of an ancient monster. You must try it once. Area 3(eggs), Area 6(berries) Egglike 5000 6
Furiamond Ore mined from the Fury Mountains. Unbreakably strong. Area 2(mining), Area 5(mining), Area 8(mining) 500 5
Giadrome Jewel A rarely formed jewel from inside a Giadrome. Truly exquisite. Giadrome Carve Egglike 15000 8
Giadrome Thigh The thigh meat of a Giadrome. Great boiled or baked. Giadrome Carve 1000 5
Glitter Mushroom Beautiful, glittering mushroom. Highly prized. Area 6(herbs), Area 7(south camp) 800 4
Green Fin Crest of a Giadrome. The shade of the green determines its value. Giadrome Carve 1500 5
Lady Mackerel A mackerel with elegant scales. Finicky when eating bait. Area 1(fishing) 800 5
Pokke Snowman Made in the Pokke style. A true marvel of natural engineering Combine Flurry Ball, Blizzard Ball 1000 7
Pokke Quartz Said to bring its owner good luck. Feels cold to the touch. Area 2(mining), Area 8(mining) 1000 6
Princess Scarab A mysterious sparkling scarab. Used by fortune tellers. Area 1(bugs), Area 2(bugs) 500 5
Popo Dandelion Brown, fluffy flower that is beloved as a snack by Popos Area 7(herbs), Area 8(herbs through hole) 500 4


Name ↓Description ↓Where to Find ↓Points ↓Rarity ↓
Angler Snapper A phantom fish said only to appear before a true angler. Area 9(fishing) 1000 6
Buckshot Acorn Resembles the shape of a bullet. Won't explode, but very heavy! Area 10(mushroom) Egglike 5000 6
Cleopatris A star among insects. Its antennae evoke oriental beauty. Area 10(bugs) 1000 6
Flyn Crwn Frgmnt A Felyne paw shaped fragment. Looks to be a crown... Gathering in Area 5(mushrooms) Area 6(herbs), Area 8(bones), Area 10(Whetstones) Combine with Inferior Felyne Crown to make Felyne Crown 200 3
Inferior Flyn Crn Melynx size crown. But it just isn't quite up to snuff. Gathering Area 1(herbs), Area 2(east herbs), Area 3(honey), Area 4(east herbs) 8 (dung spot behind rock.) Combine with Felyne Crown Fragment to make Felyne Crown 300 3
Felyne Crown Proof of the king of beasts. Bow before its bearer. Combine Crown Fragment, Inferior Crown 2000 7
Jumboite Ore mined from around Jumbo Village. Attractive shape. Area 7(mining) 500 5
Kelbi Nuts Highly nutritional value. Even Kelbi love these peanuts. Area 6(bones), Area 8(bones) 600 4
Kut-ku Cartilage Kut-Ku cartilage. A tasty snack that should never go to waste. Kut-Ku carve 2500 5
Kut-Ku Gizzards Internal organs of a Kut-Ku. A tasty treat or all to eat. Kut-Ku carve 2000 5
Kut-Ku Jewel A rarely formed jewel from inside a Kut-Ku.An ultimate item. Kut-Ku carve or drop(slight chance) Egglike 18000 8
Kut-Ku Skin Kut-Ku skin. Its crspy crunch is adored by all Kut-Ku Carve 3000 5
Marilyn Butterfly Its white wings have a single black beauty mark. A sexy critter. Area 2(bugs), Area 3(bugs), Area 10(bugs) 500 5
Lao-Shan Melon An incredibly enormous melon. It is a high-class gift. Area 7(Eggs) Egglike Area 8(Eggs)Egglike 9000 6
Shining Jellyfish A brightly shining type of mushroom. Said to guide travelers. Area 2(mushrooms), Area 6(west mushrooms) 800 4
Telos Stone Mineral found in the Telos Jungle. Its harmful rays fascinate man. Area 8(mining), Area 7(mining) 800 5
Velociprey Lilly A blue crest-like flower with a single red petal. Area 3(bait), Area 5(south herbs), Area 6(bones) 500
Victory Fish A incredibly powerful fish that can cross oceans alone. Area 9(fishing) 600 4


Name ↓Description ↓Where to Find ↓Points ↓Rarity ↓
Bright Mushroom Ocassionally luminous mushroom. Sometimes mistaken for a jewel. Area 2(south herbs), Area 5(south herbs) 800 4
Cephadrome Melon The biggest of the big Cephalos Melons. Area 1(herbs), Area 8(herbs) 5000 5
Cephalos Roe Cephalos eggs. Your tounge will be punch drunk in it's tasty sweetness. Cephalos carve 700 5
Cephalos Watrmeln Grown in the desert. Covered in sand like a cephalos. Area 1(herbs), Area 8(herbs) 600 4
Cooler Fish A fresh fish that can be eaten to ward of the heat of the day. Area 1(Fishing), Area 6(Fishing) 100 3
Cricket of Troy Cricket with beautiful feelers. Helps the environment. Area1(Bugs), Area 6(Bugs), Area 7(Bugs) 500 5
Daimyo Jewel Rarely formed jewel from inside a Diamyo Hermitaur. Peerless. Daimyo carve or dropEgglike 18000 8
Daimyo Legs Tasty Daimyo Hermiter legs. Usually eaten raw. Daimyo Hermiter carve 2000 5
Dragokurium Mined from the Dragokur Valley. Very attractive shape. Area 10(mining), Area 9(south herbs) 500 5
Elder Dragon Fossil Fossilized over many years, it retains its power. Area 10(eggs) Egglike 9000 7
GldBladelessHndl Feylne shaped handle. If it had a blade maybe it'd be of use... Gathering in Area 1 (berries), Area 5 (south herbs), Area 8 (carts, barrels) 200 3
GoldFelynJewelSword Blade used at Felyne family reunions. Flashy solid gold. Combine Gold Handle and Gold Blade 2000 7
Hndlelss Gld Bld Gold Blade engraved with a cat's paw. If only you had a handle... Area 9(east herb), area 6(mining), Area 10 (mining) 300 3
Hermitaur Brains The brains of a Hermitaur. A rare delicacy. Daimyo Hermitaur carve 3000 5
Monoblos Rose Isolated desert rose that blooms with a single crimson thorn. Area 1(herbs), Area 5(north herbs) 1000 6
Plump Goldenish Stout Goldenfish with a gaudy tail that screams high-class. Area 1(Fishing), Area 6(Fishing) 600 5
Sekumaeya Pearl Ore found in the Sekumaeya Desert. Comands a high price Area 10(mining) 1000 6
Yokotuna An incredibly fat tuna. Legend has it that it can sink a ship. Area 1(Fishing), Area 6(Fishing) 800 5
Note: Make Damiyo drop a Shiny by letting him finish eating (he will be putting something into his mouth using his claws) before attacking him.


Name ↓Description ↓Where to Find ↓Points ↓Rarity ↓
Bttmlss Old Vase A cracked vase. It has a strange power but no bottom... Area 6(south mushroom), Area 7(mining), Area 8(north bug, south berry) Combine with Vase Bottom to make Dynasty Vase 300 3
Chameleos' Purse Transparent flower thanks to its special pollen. Hard to find. Area 6(herbs), Area 7(north berry), Area 8(south berry) 500 4
Congalala Innards Innards of a Congalala. Eat before a hunt for extra energy. Congalala carve 2000 5
Congalala Jewel A rarely formed jewel from inside a Congalala. Truly unrivaled. Congalala carve 20000 8
Congalala Stomach Stomach of a Congalala, it has a strange consistency. Congalala carve 3000 5
Cutie Crawler An incredibly beautiful earthworm. Digs like it were gliding. Area 1(bug), Area 8(Bugs) 500 5
Dynasty Vase A vase that is said to turn anything inside into gold. Combine Vase Bottom, Bottomless Vase 3000 7
Ghostly Cicada A beautiful cicada. Its romantic voice is tempting. Area 8(south bug) 1000 6
Golden Cocoon Silkworm cocoon spun from golden silk. A national treasure. Area 7(stone) Egglike 5000 6
Glittr Capshroom A glittering cap mushroom. Bright enough to be a light. Area 3(east herb), Area 4(north herb), Area 6(south mushroom) 1000 6
Gypceros Crystal Purple crystal. Its beauty fascinates jewel-loving Gypceros. Area 9(west mining) Egglike 10000 7
Hideyoshi Ambrjk A fish whose name changes as it ages. A paragon of fish warlords. Camp(fishing), Area 3(fishing) 600 5
Khezu Seed Those who eat these are said to have a Khezu's constitution. Area 3(east herb), Area 7(stone), Area 9(herb) 600 4
Liber Ruby A stone found in the outskirts of Liber City. A fiery red. Area 3(mining), Area 7(mining) 500 5
Old Vase Bottom The bottom of an old vase. It has a strange power. Area 3(east mining), Area 4(north mushroom), Area 9(stone, east mining) Combine with Bottomless Vase to make Dynasty Vase 300 3
Schradite Ore found in Shrade, said to have Elder Dragon-like power. Area 3(east mining), Area 7(mining) 800 5
Twstd Bldrm Tsk An amazing Bulldrome Tusk that resembles a Diablos horn. Bulldrome carve 2000 5

Forest And Hills

Name ↓Description ↓Where to Find ↓Points ↓Rarity ↓
Goldendrome The proud leader of the Goldenfish. Devours fishing lures. Camp (Fishing), Area 11(Fishing) 1000 6
Shakalaka Stone Superior polished Firecell Stone. Maybe it fits in a hole... Area 6(Bugs), area 11(Stones), Shakalaka(Carve) Rathian(Carve) Combine with Holed Shakalaka Mask to make Mysterious Mask 500 3
Holed Shakalaka Mask Old stone mask with a hole in the forehead. Something might fit... Area 2(Ivy), Area 7(Beehive), Area 10(), Shakalaka(Carve) Combine with Shakalaka Stone to make Mysterious Mask 300 3
Minegarde Night Made from rare Minegarde ore. Highly desirable in making jewelry. Area 11(Mining) 1000 6
Rathian Jewel A rarely formed jewel from inside a Rathian. Truly first-rate. Rathian carve from body or tail Egglike 15000 7
Rathalos Jewel A rarely formed jewel from inside a Rathalos. An ultimate item. Rathalos carve from body or tail Egglike 20000 7
Mysterious Mask Mask handed down by Shakalakas. Said to grant ultimate power. Combine Shakalaka Stone and Holed Shakalaka Mask to make 1000 7


Name ↓Description ↓Where to Find ↓Points ↓Rarity ↓
Basarios Peach A subterranean peach. Its above ground portion is like a rock. Area 2,6 1000 6
Athena Beetle Truly beautiful insect. It appears to understand you. Area 10 1000 6
Torn Old Book Area 2, 3 (mining), 5, 6, 7, 8 400 3
Old Book Scrap Area 2, 3, 5 (southern mining), 6, 7, 8 300 3
Eldr Drgn Rfrnc Reference book with notes on Elder Dragons. Written by Jon Arthur. Combine Old Book Scrap and Torn Old Book 1000 7
Teostra Meteor Shiny stone that fell from the heavens. The interior is scorching. Area 8(Mining. Super rare) ;Gravios Tail Egglike 18000 7
Gravios Jewel A rarely formed jewel form inside a Gravios. An ultimate item. Gravios carve from body(rare) or tail(even rarer) Egglike 20000 8

Great Forest

Name ↓Description ↓Where to Find ↓Points ↓Rarity ↓
Brilliant Aji Talented fish, good at figuring out how to steal your bait. Fish in Area 2 & 4 1000 6
Hornfly Princess Beautiful wings makes it the Princess of the insect world. Area 2, and Area 4 (East Bug) 1000 6
TaillessCatStatu The tail was cut at it's base on this stone Felyne statue... Area 1 (Break the rock), Area 2 (egg area), Area 3 (Honey: Break rock) 400 3

A mystery nut that has high points and it was carry by double hand. Area 1, Area 2, Area 3 Egglike 8000 6
BrokenStoneTail Intricate stone tail. Looks like it was cut at the base... Area 6 (Break the Rock), Area 8 (egg area), Area 7(Northern Mining spot) 300 3
AncntCatKingStat Stone statue with a great air. A felyne ancestor, perhaps? Combine TaillessCatStatu and BrokenStoneTail 3000 7
ThsandYearForest Giant Seed born during an ancient forest's near eternal life. Area 3, and Area 8 Egglike 12000 7
Garuga Jewel Spectacular jewel formed inside a Yian Garuga's body. Rare. Carve the body or tail of Yian Garuga Egglike 20000 8

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP Game)

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Japan's most successful PSP title, Monster Hunter Portable 2G, is heading to Europe and US. Renamed Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, this latest installment in the epic Monster Hunter series delivers over 500 hours of gameplay spanning some 400 missions. Added with previously unreleased monsters, weapons and missions and you have the biggest Monster Hunter game to date.

Using the Ad-Hoc connection players can adventure with up to three friends for a savaging multiplayer hunting party. From devising the strategy to executing the attack, players will need to work together in order to hunt down the ferocious beasts and progress through the wide range of quests on offer. Players will be rewarded for their use of deep fighting combat systems, encouraging them to seek out the more experienced hunters and team up in order to learn from their experience.

Even in single player mode Hunters won't be alone thanks to the introduction of the new AI Felyne feature. Accompanying players on quests your furry ally will helping them battle monsters and gather extra resources.

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Is it true that online games destroy the nation?

It seems not too

I will discuss about the positive side of online gaming, why do I not discuss the bad side? search on google there are a million people who wrote bad.

the current online gaming generation is considered to damage the nation. it's a very stupid sentence. I'm sure the people who make that sentence has never played online games.

why i say that? because according to my experience after playing the game online for 5 years, in fact I do not "broken", in fact I feel more mature in personality and thinking

From experience, I can be a lot of moral messages from online gaming. Some positive things I get from online games:
1. Think of each step will you take

So the moral of this feels really if you play DOTA. If you do not think before taking a decision, it will hurt yourself and others. For example in game DOTA, if you are careless in taking a decision can-can hero you'll die. Who are the losers? YOU AND THE TEAM YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Willing to make sacrifices

Well it also feels really if you play DOTA (who often wore a tanker must realize :D) and the Lost saga. Sometimes you must be willing to sacrifice themselves to protect others, especially fragile.

3. Be smart to manage money Which is not money in the sense of REAL, I mean an in-game money. Almost every game there must be a trading system. Usually the money used to buy armor games, weapon, etc.. Now, therefore players must be smart in buying goods and selling goods so as not to lose.
4. Establish a strong personal How? Can dong ... .. usually in an online game there must be a name BACOTERS aka handyman fuss. They were the people who despise Ngata-ngatain, for example, "you wrote the Dead!", "LOAD !!!!!!". "CAN NOT PLAY !!!!". Well if in reproach just been dropped and hooked them talk, then you've lost before the war. So, many online game players have a rhinoceros mental. Yelling at each other not so rich there is nothing ... ... ... ..
5. Cooperate 

No need in tanyain again, in reply, especially multiplayer online games teamwork is the most potent weapon. However, playing individually against playing with good cooperation, it will definitely win a good cooperation. Unfortunately, many players are not thinking about TEAM. Thinking just wanted to Kill, Headshot, Kill / Death rise, GODLIKE, etc..
6. Patience
In the online game play. Player must be patient and wait for the right moment to defeat the opponent. For example in the lost saga, we must issue a stance at the appropriate time (do not jamming tactics origin). And we sometimes are in demand to not wait for those moments, but it creates those moments, one way with patience and do not be hasty.
7. Act based on reason rather than passion
That this would not have described already on typing: D
8. Technique is the determinant of victory
It was really a moral message in ALL online games. If you do not master the technique, then you will lose. The moral: The technique greatly affects the victory.

 That's ALL! KEEP Fun Play!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

15 Cruellest Death Penalty

15. Buried Alive

death penalty has been used for individuals or groups. Victims are usually tied and then placed in a hole and buried. It was once the Nanjing Massacre during World War II, when Japanese troops bury alive Chinese civilians in what is called "Ten Thousand Corpse Ditch".

14. Snake Pit

One of the oldest forms of torture and the death penalty, the hole (space) are very common snake is a form of capital punishment. Prisoners were thrown into a deep hole with venomous snakes.

13. The Spanish Tickler

This torture device was commonly used in Europe during the Middle Ages. Used to tear the victim's skin, this gun can rip through anything, including muscle and bone. The victim was tied up naked, sometimes in public, and then the torturers began to torture them. Usually begins in the legs and work inward, neck and face are always saved for last.

12. Slow Slicing

Ling Chi, translated as "slow slicing" or "lingering death" was described as death by a thousand cuts.
forms of torture and execution are similar to the Five Pains, but drawn out over a much longer period of time. Tormentors slowly cuts and eliminate some parts of the body, prolong life and victims of torture as long as possible. According to Confucian principles, the body can not cut a whole in the spiritual afterlife, making this form of execution that is still torturing the victim in the hereafter.

11. Burning at the Stake

Death by burning has been used as a form of capital punishment for centuries, often associated with crimes such as treason and witchcraft. Now regarded as a punishment cruel and unusual, but before the 18th century, who was burned at the stake was common practice. Victim tied to a large stake, often at the center of the city or anywhere else in the audience and then start a fire. It is regarded as one of the slowest way to die.

10. Necklacing

Common practice in South Africa, Necklacing consists of a rubber tire, filled with gasoline, forced around the victim's chest and arms, and then be burned. Necklacing essentially causes the body will turn into burning melt.

9. Execution by Elephant

in South and Southeast Asia, elephants have become the method of capital punishment for millennia. Animals were trained to execute two ways. Slowly tortured in ways that berkepanjanganh or killed the victim almost immediately.

8. The Five Pains

one of Chinese capital punishment is relatively easy to understand. Starting with the victim's nose is cut off, then one arm and one leg, and finally, the victim was castrated and cut in half at the waist. The inventor of this sentence Li Si, a Prime Minister of China, eventually tortured and later executed in this way.

7. Colombian Necktie

Method of execution is one of the goriest. The victim's throat was slashed, often times with a knife but really any sharp objects that will be done, and then their tongues pulled out through an open wound. During La Violencia, a period of Colombian history is full of murder, this is the most common form of execution. It is used mainly to intimidate others who find the facts.

6. Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered

The punishment for high treason in England, which will be hung, drawn and quartered is common during the Middle Ages. Although abolished in 1814, form of execution was responsible for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of deaths. The process is as follows. First, the victim was dragged on a wooden frame, called a hurdle to the place of execution. Second, the victim was hanged by the neck for a short time until almost dead (hanged). Third, castration occurs, after which, the contents of the stomach and genitals were burned in front of the victim. Finally, the body is divided into four separate parts and decapitated.

5. Cement shoes

Introduced by the American Mafia, the execution method involves placing the victim's feet in the blocks and then fill it with wet cement and then threw him into the water. The form of execution is still practiced today, and even coined the term "person who sleeps with the fishes" as a euphemism for the dead.

4. Guillotine

Guillotine is one of the most popular form of execution. Consists of a sharp knife tied to a rope, the victim's head is placed in the middle of the frame and then the knife fell to the flash, causing people who beheaded died almost instantly.3. Republican Marriage

3. Republican Marriage

rather gruesome but it is certainly one of the most interesting. Originating in France, the form of execution was common in the French Revolution. Involves the binding together of two people naked, a male and female is usually of the same age, and drown them. In some cases, usually where the water is not available, couples will be tormented with the sword.

2. Crucifixion

method of execution is one of the most famous, obviously mainly due to the execution of Jesus Christ.
Crucifixion consists of hands and feet of victims who nailed to the cross and then be lifted into the air. The victim then left to hang there until dead, which usually took days, and often die of thirst before anything else.

1. The Brazen Bull

The Brazen Bull, sometimes known as one of the most cruel methods of torture and execution out there. Designed in ancient Greece, in the form of a bull, with a door on the side that is open and locked. To begin execution, the victim was placed in a brass bull and a fire lit underneath. metal is heated until it is really hot, causing the victim to "bake to death". The bull was designed so that the screams of the victims will be heard the music for the enjoyment of the executioner.


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